Your Children Depend on You – Be Brave For Their Health

Babies and health go hand in hand. A brand new little life with a vibrant, untainted immune system. As parents, we have the opportunity to take advantage of that healthy start by providing baby with every opportunity to keep that immune system strong. It should be easy, but in today’s world it is a never ending battle against chemicals, poor nutrition and misinformation that slowly starts to degrade the perfect immune system and sets your infant up for unnecessary illnesses.Most parents just accept that it is “normal” for a baby to have constant ear infections and diaper rash and spit up after every single meal. We think nothing of it when the doctor injects a newborn with foreign substances. If the doctor said it’s necessary then it must be, right? In the most extreme cases, we just accept that there is nothing we can do to prevent childhood diseases like leukemia and asthma.I would like to introduce you to the idea that you do have control. You have the ability to educate yourself and make informed choices about so many things that affect your babies and their health. Do not make the terrible mistake of relying on a doctor or a government agency to protect you and your baby because it won’t happen.We should never assume that a baby will be born healthy whether we take our prenatal vitamins or not. We should never trust that our child will glide through life with no lasting effects from the pesticides in their fruit and the chemicals in their snacks. We know all too well that innocent children suffer from lead poisoning, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, cancer all of which can be prevented if only we were proactive about educating ourselves and taking control of our childrens’ health instead of blindly handing it over to the food manufacturers and a doctor that has been educated by the pharmaceutical industry.I challenge you to open your eyes, research and educate yourself and then decide how to keep your baby healthy.

Available Jobs in Health Care

If you are interested in a career in medicine, then your options are about as many as the number of colors in the world. Just in nursing alone there are at least six levels. Beginning with the entry level and working our way up in pay, job opportunities and responsibilities there is the Certified Nurses Aide, Licensed Practical Nurse, Associates Degree Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Masters in Nursing and the Nurse Practitioner. This is a list for just one arm of medicine, so as you can see jobs in health care are many. If your having a hard time deciding which area you would enjoy, you can research the duties of each area online.Maybe becoming a therapist is of interest to you. There again is a wide range of the types of therapy one could pursue. Respiratory therapy is one such position. These therapists focus on the well being of a patients’ respiratory system. They receive orders from physicians for various types of treatments to help patients utilize oxygen in a beneficial way. Other jobs in health care include; physical therapist. These individual focus on teaching patients how to strengthen muscles, perform exercises and use special equipment to improve function and restore mobility. Other therapy positions are occupational therapists, speech therapists and audiologists just to touch the tip of the ice berg.And then again, maybe working in a laboratory is appealing to you. A phlebotomist is responsible for obtaining, transporting and running tests on blood samples. They must know how to draw blood using various techniques and equipment as well as the proper care for each sample ordered. This position requires constant contact with blood, so this person must have a ‘strong stomache’ for bodily fluids. Another position that requires this attribute is the Emergency Medical Technician or EMT. In this field there is the basic EMT, intermediate EMT and the paramedic. Each has its own scope of practice which is easily found in a web search.If you would rather teach there are health educators, dieticians, or counselors. No matter what your heart desires, in medicine there is a place for most anyone. On the surface most of us think of physicians and nurses as medicine, but this is only the beginning. For these two areas to function, they need a lot of support services in medicine. This article is only the beginning to a huge list of the available jobs in health care.